Wild Boar

Havago Australia hunts are in several regions in Australia totaling millions of acres allowing us to offer the very best in hunting and fishing to all our clients all year round.

Pig hunting areas

We offer the pig hunter 2 choices the first being our  base camp is in southern Queensland [east of Brisbane] which offers wild boar hunts. These hunts while whilst great fun and good pigs they have a management fee on the boars this ensures there is boars for the next hunters who come.  These boars are not comparable in size or number to the dangerous  huge wild boars of the northern regions of the Northern Territory or the Northern Queensland. Mostly in the northern regions there are no trophy fees but the daily rates are much more as it is more costly to conduct safaris due to the vast regions.

Wild boar hunts in South Eastern Queensland

Pig hunting combined with fresh water fishing for yellow belly, perch , bass  and Murray cod is a hunters dream .

The pig hunting here is done on our property in the trap rock hills areas of the south western Queensland and whilst in traprock regions good boars can still be found lurking up gullies  and waterways. The boars while not generally as large as their northern cousins are a definite challenge for any hunter and  mobs can be hunted each day.  There is always yabbying and fishing along the many sleepy river banks . Silver Perch, Yellow Belly [ Golden Perch] Bass and Catfish.

Closest airport: Brisbane or Toowoomba [ West Brisbane]

Representative Trophy size :

Our wild boar  trophies weigh between 120-200 kg

How we hunt: We hunt on 4wd to a point and then walking  usually along gullies and creeks we lay out bait piles.and set up blimds on these for bow hunters

Accommodation: Safari cabinor lodge

What is not included 

  1. Accommodations while not on hunt
  2. Shipping of trophies
  3. Alcohol to be supplied


Bow or Rifle, temporary permit required if bringing your own rifles into Australia. [no automatics]

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