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It is a photographers paradise with stunning scenery and animals such as crocodiles, kangaroo, wallaby, dingo, goanna and countless wetland and forest birds. 

Applying for a Visitor’s Licence 

Visitors from other Australian states or territories might not need a Visitor’s Licence. See the mutual recognition of interstate licences page for more information.

General Information

An application for a Visitor’s Licence is to be made at least 28 days prior to the date of the proposed visit.  This time period is required to ensure that all enquiries and statutory checks are completed and that the licence is forwarded prior to the visit.  Should an urgent approval for a licence be required within the 28 day period, please contact Weapons Licensing directly.

International visitors wanting to use weapons in Australia require special permits from Australian Police before arrival. A Visitor’s Licence in Queensland will only be issued to a person competing in competitive sports shooting events, hunting tours or other activities in Queensland.

If applying for this type of licence, you must be entitled by law to possess and use a weapon or type of weapon in the state or country where you normally reside.

A Visitor’s Licence can only be issued for a maximum of 3 months

How to Apply

If you want to bring your firearms into Australia, you need to apply for two permits:

  • An international visitor weapons/firearms permit/licence (to allow you to possess, carry and use weapons/firearms during your stay); and
  • An import permit B709 to allow you to bring firearms into the country.

To begin the process, apply for the Visitor’s Licence to the police of the Australian State you will be competing, recreationally shooting or undertaking other activities in. If you are not competing, recreationally shooting or undertaking other activities in Queensland but you are entering Australia first through a Queensland airport or shipping terminal an Import Permit can be issued to you on the production of a Visitor’s Licence Authority issued by the firearms registry in the State.  If you are not entering Queensland first, you need to contact the interstate firearm registries.

Make sure you fill out the application form completely and accurately. This will ensure your application is processed quickly by the relevant state police, and will help avoid delays.

Visitor’s Licence Application

To apply for a visitor’s licence in Queensland you must complete the Application for Visitors Licence and provide the following information:

  • A copy of a current licence, permit or authority issued under the law of that country or territory.  Note that:
    (a) The licence, permit or authority must remain current for entire duration of
    visit to Queensland
    (b) If no licence, permit or authority is issued in your country, a letter from your
    local police authorities outlining whether you are a fit and proper person to
    possess firearms is to be attached.
  • Details of itinerary and locations to be visited whilst in Queensland (include contact address and phone numbers)
  • Details of security and storage arrangements for firearms and ammunition whilst in Queensland
  • Details of any firearm spare parts and all types, calibre and amounts of ammunition that is being brought into Queensland
  • A genuine reason for visiting Queensland. This can be either or the following:
    • Competition target shooting: Supply a letter from the competition holder confirming your participation and the events you are participating in; or
    • Recreational shooting (hunting/safari): Supply a letter from the property owner/occupier giving you permission to shoot on their land, including details of property size and address.

Do fees need to accompany my application?

At the time of making application you are required to pay an application fee and a licence fee. However, if you are an overseas resident visiting to participate in an internationally recognised shooting competition, you are exempt from paying the application fee.

Refer to item 1 and 3 of the Schedule of Fees.

Fees can be paid by the following two (2) methods:

  1. Enclose a money order in Australian Dollars made out to Queensland Police Service;Currently fees are $144.75 or
  2. Have a person in Queensland pay the amount at their local Police Station and forward a copy of the receipt to Weapons Licensing.


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