Safaris: Where & What

Havago is located in South East Queensland on a sheep station, a comfortable 3.5 hour drive west from Brisbane.  There are bus  and air services to  Toowoomba  situated half way between us and Brisbane. Our services include airport pickups and returns.

Professional and Personalised, our safaris offer you a rich wildlife experience!

Darwin and Brisbane  are the nearest capital cities and both have international airports closest to our two safari operations. Recommended now is arrival into Toowoomba.  Qantas now  operates  flights direct to and from Sydney, Melbourne , and Townsville  to Toowoomba airport [Brisbane west] which is a close 1 hr drive to our deer camp.

1. South East Queensland airport Brisbane Toowoomba.

When you are hunting with us , you  will  have sole hunting access to  this 12000 acres. This terrain is described as  Traprock country. [ hilly and rocky covered with eucalypts, acacias, teatrees, oak, cypress pine and many other native trees and shrubs.] Great natural terrain much of it in its virgin state as has been  for thousands of years . Home for the 5 species of deer and goats  that roam here as well as the myriad of feral vermin and native wildlife.

2. Northern Territory Darwin Airport

Darwin is an international airport ,   Qantas and Virgin airlines   connect to all interstate cities

3. Melbourne

is also an international point of entry and connects daily to all other centers we hunt from.

There is always the option of chartering helicopter or light aircraft from cities to hunting regions in Northern Territory and Queensland.


We are  always hands on with the safaris, personally looking after our guests and we are very lucky to have several experienced guides who are enthusiastic expert and keen to share their extensive knowledge with you.

When you book a safari with us it is on a sole occupancy basis, meaning you or your party will be our only guests for the entire time you have booked with us, having sole use of the area allowing us to give you a personalized experience at every opportunity.


“We Treat you as we would wish to be treated and strive to give you a memorable hunting adventure! We can’t promise the biggest trophies in Australia but we can promise to work the very hardest we can to give you the best time and best trophies available at the time.

Complimentary Services we offer our hunters…


  • Trophies are field prepared and overseen to be shipped to  taxidermist for final cleaning or mounting and shipping to you.
  • Fishing tackle use
  • Sightseeing whilst being our guest.
  • Information and assistance with any internal tours or tourist information.
  • The paperwork for arranging temporary gun licenses

So please ask us more questions as to how we can plan your visit with us so that  you can have the best time, a great adventure  and take home the best memories ! 

So come and HAVAGO! We’d love to show some Australian bush hospitality.

"Nyora", Millmerran
PH: +61 74667 4152

MOB: 0417 776 531