Deer Species

Fallow Deer

These are available in a range of colors black, white, menial and brown. They weight from 170-200lbs, their antlers are palmated with fine points being called spilliers. They rut from April and hunting is from February to August.

Red Deer

These magnificent animals are 45 inches at the shoulder and about 300 lbs in weight. They are rich in colour with a buff patch around their rear. Their rut is from March to April.  A good representative trophy will have well developed antlers of 6 pts and better.

Chittal Axis

These deer are strikingly marked and very graceful. its tail is longer than most deer species. Best hunting is from Febuary to August. Chittal have slender  6pt antlers with beam measurements seldom exceeding 4 inches. they. Stand 34″ high at the shoulder and weigh 200 lbs. considered one of the prettiest Australian deer.

Molluccan Rusa 

Rusa deer are native to SE Asia. They are semi nocturnal and have coarse antlers with 6 tines [ 3 on either side]. The molluccan species is smaller and rarer of the two Rusa species . Antler lengths of 16″ being considered long for a Molluccan.  June to November is the best hunting times for these deer.

Javan Rusa 

The Javan is equivalent in  body size to a red stag. The rut for the Javans and the  Molluccans is from June to August and premium hunting time is from June to November. They also have 3 tines on each antler which has a rough and nobbly texture. Rusa love water and will wallow on the slightest opportunity and dig up grass with their antlers and wear it as a head dress when rutting.

Sambar Deer

These are the third largest of the deer species behind the moose and the wapiti.They are extremely wary and one of the hardest to hunt of the world’s game animals. A mature stag can stand up 150 cm at the shoulder and they weigh over 300 kg. Hunts are Melbourne and times Feb to August

Hog Deer

Axis porcinus
The Hog Deer are low, heavily built animals measuring approximately 70cm at shoulder height.with short legs and face . They are brown with yellowish or reddish tinge and sometimes have a speckled appearance as some hairs have white tips. Young calves are sometimes spotted. Males have antlers about 40cm in length.They make a whistling sound when alarmed and give a warning bark.They get their name by the habit of rushing through grass with their head down like a pig, rather than bounding.They inhabit lowland grassy plains and swampy areas, and don’t ascend into the hills and are solitary animals. Hunt Feb to August

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