Booking with Firearms

In order to make your hunt go smoothly and for us to give you the best service please take the time to read the following and fill out forms where necessary 

If you are an international hunter or an Australian hunter, you need to complete a waiver form and make a booking. Read the booking Form fill out the form and email back to secure your hunt dates. 

If you wish to use firearms on your hunt please follow these instructions:

  1. The Waiver must be completed and signed by each person (Australian and international) participating in the safari this includes non-hunters

If you are an INTERNATIONAL HUNTER and you want to (a)use firearms; and/or (b)bring your own firearms into Australia you must complete The Police will also issue,  a “B709A” Importation of Firearms certificate that will allow the firearms to successfully pass through Customs. For the state you are entering Australia for. There is no cost for the B709 form and on exiting Australia you wll need to fill out a export permit [ so when departing leave a little extra time at the airport and go to custom’s desk first before checking in to complete paperwork and they will then take you to check in.

In Queensland a visitors application permit Visitors Permit and post it to us with supporting documentation. We can pay fee to police in aud as they don’t accept credit cards or o/s currency and this would be easier for you if you.  This license can be then used by the hunter anywhere in Queensland. But you will require another import permit liscence for each state you enter . We need to have both the form and the payment about 28 days prior to your intended safari. Complete a copy of this form and return to us for processing for you. [For international hunters we will just add this onto your bill as costs of sending monies can be expensive]

Northern Territory hunting requires a Temporary Visitors Liscence

All persons from overseas who wish to bring Category A, B or H  firearms into Australia for recreation (safari) or competition shooting must apply for and be issued a Temporary Licence (Permit). No Temporary Permit will be issued for category C or D Class firearms without the applicant first obtaining approval of the Federal Government to bring the firearm into Australia.

The Police will also issue,  a “B709A” Importation of Firearms certificate that will allow the firearms to successfully pass through Customs.

All applicants must provide the following details:

    • Complete an official application for a Temporary Permit,
    • Provide a colour passport photograph,
    • Provide a photocopy of your current Shooter’s Licence (if applicable),
    • Provide a photocopy of your current registration certificate for the firearms for which the Permit is required (if applicable),
    • Provide a full detailed list of all firearms (make, model, serial number, type) and ammunition. 
  1. All international hunters will have to fill out an export permit when departing the country you go straight to customns area when entering airport and fill out the forms and then thye will escort you to check out counter at airport.. you may do prior departure and fax forms if you are in an isolated region.
  2. If you are an AUSTRALIAN HUNTER, and you wish to shoot, you must have and produce before the hunt, your weapons license from your home state.

4. In Victoria there is no cost for the temporary permit. In Victoria you will require one but it is currently free and you can lodge application online. and you will need a international hunters license . 

Please note that we require a 50% deposit   to be  paid within 2 weeks of booking to  secure safari dates and balance paid on the safaricommencement . Bank transfers, credit cards [no amex] and cheques after clearing are accepted.

Deposits can also be made by including a completed copy of booking  form  and posting/faxing  them to:

Thank you for your business and we look forward to hunting with you

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