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Havago Australia hunts are in several regions in Australia totaling millions of acres allowing us to offer the very best in hunting and fishing to all our clients all year round. Timing of hunts is dictated to often by Australia's climate.So try to plan your hunt in the most optimum conditions for sucess.


Our base camp is in southern Queensland where we conduct our deer camps and then we travel to the northern reaches of the Northern Territory for huge pigs and spectacular fishing . Here also hunt for the "most wanted" and dangerous Asiatic Water Buffalo and the rare Banteng.

Jim and I have been operating Havago for the last 33 years. Making us one of the longest running if not the longest running safari operators in Australia.Our professionalism is backed up by a lifetime working in the bush. Its our natural element.

Jim has a passion for both hunting and fishing. He is a great source of knowledge of the bush and its wildlife. You are hunt most times with Jim the PH himself and if that's possible not we give you the very best guide and in most areas you will have comfortable first class accommodations but our hunts are true hunts covering rough rugged terrain. ..."this is country made for deer not man" ..

I help you with any hunting and travel arrangements, making your planning as easy as possible.

Its been said our terrain is too rugged .. but it is natural beauty of Australia's bush and lets be fair dinkum here if you wanted it easy you'd shoot at targets but there are hunters and then there are hunters that want to HAVE A GO ! Which one are you ?

What others have said abut us:

Jim Kelly   from Texas says of Jim
    " Since 1984 I have made 13 trips to Africa, over 28 to Scotland, 6 to Argentina (Where I am as I write this) 7 to 8 to Spain, to many to count to Mexico, ETC. and I have NEVER had more fun or a better PH than my friend Jim Dieckmann.  Look forward to our great trip with you in 2010". 

Much love to you all,

Jim Kelly"

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Best hunting times

Red, Chittal, Fallow Deer Sambar Hog:                                        February to August

Javan and Molluccan Rusa:                                                           June to November

Goat,Feral Sheep,Scrub Bull Turkey wild boar hunts :             All year

Buffalo and Banteng:                                                                        May to October



You should know our business mission statement is to

"Treat you as we would wish to be treated and strive to give you a memorable hunting adventure!"

When you book a hunt with us it is on a sole occupancy basis, meaning you or your party will be our only guests for the entire time you have booked with us, having sole use of the hunting grounds, this allows us to meet your personal and hunting requirements. We like to get to know our guests and give you a personalized glimpse of the bush. All trips offer full accommodations rifle hire and lots of opportunities for observing the abundant and unique wildlife in the region"

There are no hidden prices in any of our hunts.

So please ask us more questions as to how we'll get you

the best trophies,

have the best time and

a great adventure in the bush!

As Safari Club members we are proud to support hunting with donations to several Safari Club International  Elk foundation and other wildlife chapters.

Brochures and free informational dvd  are available

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